Jaclyn Hill

UPDATE: In stock! 

Hey guys! Welcome back! I am here to give you a slight review on the new Jaclyn Hill palette from Morphe Brushes so lets get started shall we?


With this review I will be comparing it to her favorites palette that she did with Morphe a few years ago.

Well first off, when her favorites palette came out it was limited edition and was at the price of $35. Her palette I believe is permanent and at the price of $38.

Her palette is much bigger than her favorites palette. They are the same width but different height.

The packaging is completely different. Her favorites palette is the same as any other Morphe palette, black with simple font and logo. Her palette definitely stands out with the white and her signature in metallic font with logo.


On the back of her favorites palette, there is a picture of her (a very old picture lol) and a simple paragraph from Jaclyn talking about these shadows that she loves so much from Morphe. On the back of her palette, there is a mosaic of her (also slightly old, she is no longer a “redhead”) and those photos explain who she is btw. There is also a simple paragraph talking about the palette. On the bottom right corner there is a code (like any other Morphe palette) except they are her initials. Her palette has “JH2” because her favorites palette has “JH.”


So when you take the palettes out of the package, they are the same as the package (except the favorites which just has the Morphe logo like any other Morphe palette.)


When you turn them over, the favorites palette has just the code on the bottom right corner and her palette has her initials all over with “MORPHEXJACLYNHILL” in the middle. Not going to lie, I absolutely dislike this design. It just looks tacky and kiddish like. I think it would have been better with “MORPHEXJACLYNHILL” in the middle and her initials in the bottom right corner.


As you can tell, Jaclyn’s palette has a whole lot more eyeshadows than her favorites palette. But they are similar in a way. If you have followed Jaclyn for a while now then you know that she is a warm tone type of girl with a pop of color and both palettes give that.

Her favorites palette is just like any other Morphe palette, black and simple. While her palette is white and says “This palette is dedicated to all of my loving subscribers…xo Jaclyn.”


So here is a close up of her favorites palette. Sorry for the messiness, I do use this palette. I did not do any swatches because these are Morphe shadows that you can still get from them. I do not know what shadows they are though. But as you can see, the palette mostly holds warm tone shades with a few cool tone shades. There is a balance of shimmers and mattes.


So here is a close up of her palette. So beautiful and versatile that anyone can literally use this palette. You can make so many eye looks just using this palette alone. There is a great mixture of mattes and shimmers.

I only did a few swatches just so you guys can get an idea about the pigmentation and formula. On the left is a few of the shimmers and on the right is a few of the mattes. As you can see the pigment is amazing. That was from barely touching it and swirling my finger around like once.

So now that you have seen both her collaborations from Morphe here are my thoughts:

  • Her palette can make more eye looks than her favorites palette can
  • Her favorites palette is more “travel-friendly” than her palette
  • Her palette speaks more on her level than her favorites palette
  • Both were equally afforable
  • Both have great pigmentation and formula

I just want to put this out there, her palette is great palette and perfect for EVERYONE from beginner to advanced. I know her palette is a big palette but I think this is perfect for travel since you can use this for any occasion and can even use the shimmers as a highlight. And for like $40 you get a lot.

There will always be drama when a youtuber gets involved with a major cosmetic company because that youtuber gets to live a dream that a lot of makeup lovers want. But you have to realize, that is several years in the making. Meaning, every youtuber has done their time on Youtube before making it big.

With that said, congrats Jaclyn! I have been following you for years and to see you grow and outgrow the hate and the bully you get everyday is truly inspirational. I am right where you are when you worked at MAC and couldn’t afford bills. But because of you, I know there is a silver lining and working hard now will pay off eventually.

Keep up your dream Jaclyn and good luck on your future endeavors!

*As of right now, her palette is sold out but I will update this when they restock! Here is the link to the website just in case you want to check them out:

–> Morphe Brushes

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