My name is Chelsea Medel! I am the blogger here of course. I am a 90’s kid, born and raised in Southern California. I own a Pitbull/Great Dane and she has stole my heart. I try to  camp and go on adventurous with the love of my life as much as we can. Currently attending California Baptist University in Riverside to obtain my Bachelors in Theatre. I am concentrating on Design/Technical Theatre. I am a lover for the arts and care for the health of this planet. I believe everything is created from the arts and we should promote creativity and artistry in the school system. The planet is really changing and it is taking a turn for the worst. Climate is changing, species are going extinct, water systems are being polluted. I hope to one day change the way the world is seen through the arts. Leonardo Dicaprio is a huge inspiration of mine. If you haven’t seen Before the Flood, please do…it is mind changing. I love fashion! And makeup! I would be stylish everyday if I wasn’t so lazy. So I come up here to imagine what I would wear and put it together in hopes that someone would wear it. I also DIY 😉