Savers 50% Everything Sale

Today August 5th 2017 is 50% off EVERYTHING at Savers!

So I thought I would give you my experience shopping at savers today and show you what I got!

But first advice:

So first, expect a lot of people. I knew there would be a lot of people just didn’t expect to actually break a sweat lol. The line for the registers circled around the store and they had every single cash wrap open. Savers has a lot of stuff so go in knowing what you are looking for because that is when you will notice the best stuff for your taste. I went in thinking about vintage stuff and walked out with some good finds, some that aren’t even vintage.

Second, bring a reusable bag with you. There most likely will be no carts for you so expect to hold your stuff. A bag obviously will help with the load. Anything big you find just as an employee and they should be able to put it in the front for you or put it on hold until you are ready to check out.

And lastly, be respectful. These are secondhand stuff and Savers is the best priced thrift store out there. The employees can only do so much and they are fully there to help you. So if you have a question don’t be afraid to ask. Just be nice. I know you will run into rude people but just ignore them and focus on what you are looking for.

The closest Savers to me is the Murrieta location. Didn’t feel like driving an hour to Savers in Riverside, CA. But I have never been to any other Savers so idk what the closest Savers to you will have but it doesn’t hurt to check it out. You NEVER know what you will find.

So what did I get? Well let me show you!

First is this chair. It is grey with silver studs and brown wooden legs. The legs were wobbling which can easily be fixed by tightening the screws and there are some unnoticeable stains that can be cleaned.

Original: $12.99       Sale: $6.50


Second is this sun hat. The camera kinda washed out the color but it is a light turquoise blue and in perfect condition.

Original: $9.99       Sale: $4.99


I also got this Betseyville by Betsey Johnson purse in great condition. I will be using it for a Lightning McQueen Disneybound in the future.

Original: $14.99       Sale: $7.50

I got these beautiful black pumps. They have some flaws but not to a point where I wouldn’t wear them. This is the 3rd pair of shoes I have bought from Savers since I first shopped there.

Original: $4.99       Sale: $2.50

This was the best find for me. I am a big reader, I love to read. And I collect Beauty and the Beast books. And this book is fairly new!. I also got this Princess Diana book for my mother. She absolutely adores her and since the anniversary of her death is at the end of the month (She will have been gone for 20 years) I thought this would be perfect for my mother.

Original (each): $3.49       Sale (each): $1.75

I got these Nike shorts. They are an XS which is actually too small for me, but I was waiting in line and walked by these. I am running a marathon at Disneyland in November and thought I should buy shorts so I just grabbed them. I tried them on and they fit great so that was a win.

Original: $9.99       Sale: $4.99

I got this beautiful chiffon scarf with retro sunhats on it. I got it for my hair since I am trying to convert my wardrobe to a more vintage theme.

Original: $2.99       Sale: $1.50

I got this light lilac cardigan. When I put it on I yipped lol. This will go great with so many outfits. I am so in love!

Original: $7.49       Sale: $3.75

Last but not least, these bowls. Sorry for the darkness, tried to lighten the picture but it wouldn’t transfer so oh well! But when I saw these I had to have them. It is a set of 4 ice cream bowls of different colors; pink, green, purple, yellow…all pastel.

Original: $5.99 Sale: $2.99


I barely looked in the clothing racks because it was just too hot in there for me so I just looked for staple items such as a cardigan.

I ALWAYS look in the shoe racks. Every time I have gone there, I walked out with a pair of shoes!

I didn’t really look for my boyfriend because he is super picky. They didn’t have anything good for his mom, my sister, and my grandma. So initially I just ended up looking for me.

If you want to get someone something, I suggest you take them with you. Savers only does exchanges and that is on certain items.

Overall, I am super happy with this haul! I grabbed great things and I just stumbled upon them!

My total price was about $42 and saved nearly $40!

Please if you have a Savers near you, GO TODAY! You cannot beat 50% off everything. Have great weekend and I will talk to you guys later!

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